Once you move into your new property you will need to get to know your new neighbours and settle into the area. Between new neighbours, surroundings and unpacking you may find yourself somewhat stressed but luckily, we have some tips to share that will help with the process. Here are some tips on settling into your new neighbourhood:

Make a good impression from the start

If you are moving into a settled estate, then you should consider how you want to make your entrance and ensure moving is as simple as it can be, for you and your new neighbours. Avoid arriving too early or late at night with trucks or vans and making noise. Instead, arrive quietly and don’t park all over the place if there are extra cars. Be mindful and respect your neighbours’ space. Move efficiently and don’t shout or leave boxes and furniture all over the pavement that could potentially, block up people’s walkway. Be careful and avoid leaving things on the pavement that may be a safety issue.

Be friendly

Be friendly as some people will come over and say ‘hello’ and it is understandable that you are busy but offer a handshake and have a quick chat as first impressions matter. Say you’ll catch up with them properly, when you have the main moving done. When things settle down and you are looking for neighbours to chat to try to sit out the front, be friendly to local kids and wave or give a friendly nod to neighbours. If your estate is a big one, walk around and the green area could be a good spot to meet other people. If you have kids, you’ll find you will settle in quickly as kids make friends fast and this helps your networking prospects too.

Get to know locals

If you are totally new to an area and not just the estate it will be hard to find your way for a while but taking walks, going to the park, going to the local pubs or restaurants offers you a chance to meet others. When you do, try and build some sort of relationship and ask them about what is happening in the area and how you can get involved in local events. If you have kids, you’ll want to get involved in clubs or groups to make the move easier for them too and doing so means you’ll meet new people too.

Get involved in the resident’s association

Nothing says ‘welcome to the estate’ like joining the residents association and though all the main positions (on the committee) may be taken, it is good to at least offer your help and pay your residents fee. If anything, it gets you off on the right foot and shows you are serious about community life. By actively looking for someone to pay for a resident’s fee then the neighbours will get to know you and from therein you’ll have built some relationships. If you are feeling adventurous then have a moving in party for the neighbours to come over and get to know you. Hire a bouncy castle for the kids, get some food and drinks in and be a good host to your new neighbours.

Good luck!