New or Second-Hand Home?

There is an abundance of new housing developments popping up in all areas of Kildare and this is welcome news to the housing market with new builds boasting excellent energy ratings and top-quality finishes as standard. However, prospective buyers shouldn’t forget the good value in second-hand homes either. Here are some pros and cons to consider when buying a home:

Pros of Buying a New Home

  • New homes create a new community within their area. It means you grow with your new neighbours and will find you are all nearly at the same point in your lives.
  • New homes are beautifully designed with every modern convenience new home owners expect. They boast efficient energy ratings too (A rated)!
  • A new home has a certain appeal with its turn key condition and delightful style. The kitchen will be immaculate, and every part of the house will be fit for its purpose.

Cons of Buying a New Home

  • New homes are usually positioned on the outskirts of towns as the original developments have taken up the coveted position of being close to the town and its amenities.
  • While new homes are irrefutably clinically clean, shiny and full of new house smell, do you know what isn’t shiny and clinically clean? The estate around it! In most cases, new home owners will be living on a building site for several months dependent on the phases of the development.
  • There is little doubt that the gardens in new homes are predominantly smaller than traditional builds.
  • Furthermore, the price is another consideration as a new three bed semi-detached property in the Naas area is priced from €340,000 to €380,000.

Pros of Buying a Second-Hand Home

  • Well established developments offer peace of mind. With second hand homes you have the added advantage of analysing the estate prior to signing on the dotted line.
  • Second-hand homes are more settled with all the building work completed and communities/neighbours that are familiar with each other.
  • Prices are less starting in or around €260,000 (approx.) for a second hand three bed semi-detached home.
  • Usually second-hand homes have larger gardens and more space out the front too.

Cons of Buying a Second-Hand Home

  • The property you buy may not be in “turn key” condition and usually it requires some love and attention from owners to bring it up to your specifications.
  • Second-hand homes don’t boast the energy efficiency that new homes boast, and some second-hand homes may require some modernisation.

Fundamentally, the decision is yours but instead of setting your sights on a second hand or new home be flexible as you never know, your perfect home could be pre-loved or new. Good luck in your search!

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