The Advantages of Buying a Second Hand Home. 

If you are considering buying a second hand home there are a few things you should know, as many buyers are now turning to new homes instead of second hand or pre-loved homes, it is imperative that you look at all the available options. Buying a new home is exciting and it should be fun too! With a few of our tips, you will have the inside scope on what you should look for and why a second hand home is an ideal route for you with some of these helpful tips.

Craftsmanship- Older homes have stood for years and they are still standing tall!  Some were built by hand by genuinely talented tradesmen with scrupulous attention to detail providing a home that is incredibly hard-wearing and durable. The saying “they don’t make them like they used to” may be true!

Larger gardens- Mature housing estates boast larger gardens in most cases as new developments choose to tighten the space to optimise the amount of properties on the site. The old style home features a great garden space and some may be big enough to convert or build on when the time is right.

Closer to the town- The more mature areas are usually closer to the town as they were ideally built surrounding these areas. Newer developments, as a result are developed further from the town through no fault of their own but still location and close proximity to schools and amenities is vital for today’s busy families.

Character and individuality- New developments will closely follow a strict design outline and all the houses will be similar in style and theme. However, a second hand home boasts a huge amount of character and individuality. It sets itself apart from other homes and it can be your project to create your own unique home in a decorative approach that you love.

Well-established estates/areas- The beauty of a second hand home is that the area  is established and well-known. This bodes well as you may know the neighbourhood, the people and the surrounding area. However, a new home you don’t know how the area will develop and if it will suit your lifestyle. Everyone can research an established area ensuring that the area you move into will be exactly what you wish for.

Accept cosmetic issues- Cosmetic issues are not a big deal and everyone has different ideas of style for their home. Don’t let garish wallpaper impact your decision to buy a certain property if you are happy to re-decorate and put your own stamp on your new home. In some cases, this can suit buyers more as they start their own journey within their new home.

Patience is vital- Buying a home is a lengthy process and you must factor this in when you are making plans for the future. While, you may find your dream home in a number of weeks it could take weeks more for an offer to be accepted or for the paperwork to get started before you even consider solicitors and contracts.

Enjoy the search- Buying a new home is a long process but it can be enjoyable if you let it be! The search can be long and arduous but looking at properties is a good way to find out what you like and what you don’t like too!

If you need any help remember that MM Ward Estate Agents are here to offer help and guidance. We have many beautiful 2nd hand properties on our listings and we would be delighted to show them to you.

Good luck!